NameTap Terms of Use

Last Updated: August 19, 2022

By registering for an account at and using you hereby agree to the following terms of use.

By listing a name for sale you agree that: (1) You are the owner of the domain or you have permission of the owner to sell on NameTap. (2) You, and the owner - if you are representing the name, agree to sell the domain for as low as the reserve price stated when submitting the domain. (3) If the name sells that you soley have the means to and will make every effort to transfer the domain to the buyer upon payment. (4) Within 48 hours of the closing of the auction you will remit the commission due to NameTap per our instructions.

By bidding on a name you agree that: (1) Your bid creates a binding contract to purchase that domain at that price if you are the highest bidder and the reserve is met or the seller otherwise accepts your offer. (2) You will promptly submit payment in full to the buyer. (3) That you are using a valid form of payment that you are authorized to use and that you will not file a payment dispute unless the seller fails to deliver the domain.

As a visitor, user, and/or registered user of NameTap you understand and agree that upon the sale of a domain we may share your contact info with the other party in the transaction.

All submissions shall comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, hereby incorporated by reference.

In the event of a dispute between the buyer and seller we will do our best to amicably resolve it but cannot guarantee any results.

We may use the information you provide us directly, as well as any information provided by way of connecting to NameTap such as your Browser info or IP addres soley for the purposes of providing our service, preventing fraud, and enforcing these terms.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to suspend or otherwise ban users for failure to complete a transaction, pay commissions due, or for any other reason we deem it necessary to limit a user's ability to participate in the NameTap platform.

NameTap has no liability to any buyer on our platform, and our liability to any seller on our platform shall be limited to the amount paid in comissions.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to change these terms and/or related policies at anytime. We shall notify you when we do. Continued use of NameTap after any such change shall be deemed as consent to the new terms.