NameTap About Us

NameTap is a platform built by domain investors, for domain investors. NameTap seeks to be the one stop shop for domain investors; a platform to buy and sell domains, as well as network with other investors. There is a long roadmap for NameTap, but for now the primary functions are the live auctions, daily domains, and the marketplace. We will be having weekly auctions through NameTap on Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays, hosted live on Clubhouse. There is so much we hope to accomplish with NameTap, and we’re excited to have you along for the ride. So tap in with NameTap, and let's make the industry better, together.

Frequently asked questions

You have question, we have answers...maybe...

Who are you?
NameTap was founded by Mike, DJ, and Ryan. Mike and DJ have each ran wholesale domain auctions on Clubhouse for awhile. Ryan is the developer of the platform and handles all the tech behind NameTap.
What is NameTap?
NameTap is a platform for managing Clubhouse domain auctions, for now at least. We have plans to grow from here and turn in the a full fledged community.
How can I buy and sell domains on NameTap?
First signup for a NameTap account. Then to sell use the submission form in the members area. Or to buy, after signing up for an account just join our live clubhouse room to make a bid.
What happens when the auction is over?
If the high bid meets or exceeds any seller reserve that was set, at the end of the auction we will email the seller and buyer eachother's contact information to complete payment and transfer of the domain. If the reserve was not met we will send the high bid to the seller as an offer and the parties may negotiate from there.
What commissions or fees are involved?
Unlike other live domain auctions that have comissions of up to 25% plus a buyer's premium, at NameTap sellers only pay a 12% commission (with a $1 minimum) for a successful sale and there is no buyer's premium.
What if I have more questions?
You can reach us by email, [email protected] and we can answer any other questions you have.