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Welcome to NameTap, the wholesale domain platform built by domain investors for domain investors. Featuring Live Auctions with more great features to come soon. NameTap is your one stop shop for wholesale domain buying and selling.

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About NameTap

Live Online Auctions

Hosted on clubhouse and on our website, we offer regular live auctions in which you can both buy and sell your domains.

Easy Buying & Selling

Once you register an account you can submit listings, buy and bid. then we connect both buyer and seller to close the deal.

Proven Track Record

Mike and DJ have overseen hundreds on online domain auctions on Clubhouse and personally curate each auction list for our buyers.
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Meet The Auctioneer, Mike

Mike has been auctioning off domain names for the past year and a half. Mike has facilitated thousands of domain transactions, totaling over $1,000,000! Mike is a therapist in his every day life, and believes in building on strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses. Mike is known to work until the sun comes up, always seeking to innovate in his craft of domain investing. When he isn’t working, Mike can be found on a mountain top somewhere, coincidentally forgetting his phone. Don’t be a stranger, tap in with Mike on NameTap!

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Meet The Auctioneer, DJ

DJ has 20 years experience in the Automotive Industry, including my his auto parts business. Currently selling digital advertising to car dealers nationally and has been domaining as hobby for 1.5 years. DJ is a self-published author - Can't Hold Me Back - My life growing up brown in America. DJ auctions off about 50+ domain names every week hosting domain auctions.

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